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How to get to Crimea. Apply for a permission to go through checkpoints. Going via Russia

According to the latest rules, based on June 15 2017, there are no restrictions from Ukrainian side for people who want to travel to Crimea which was annexed by Russia in 2014 and has a status of occupied territory of Ukraine. You can legally go to Crimea via 3 checkpoints located in Kherson Region, that's Kalanchak, Chaplynka and Chonhar. Another option is to get there via Russian territory. If you go via Ukrainian checkpoints you just need to get a permission from State Migration Service of Ukraine. You can apply in local departments in Kherson Region. The permission is free. You can also get to Crimea via Russian border, but in this case you will need a visa to Russia and you will violate Ukrainian migration rules. Ukrainian border checkpoint in Kerch is officially closed, but currently controlled by Russia. If Ukrainian authorities find out about that you may get a penalty next time you cross Ukrainian border or you may get banned from entering Ukraine for few years. So it is not recommended to go to Crimea via Russia. You can also check the statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine about procedure of getting to Crimea for foreign citizens at mfa.gov.ua

How to apply for a permission to get to Crimea. Information about Migration Service offices

Procedure of entering or leaving Crimea is regulated by Cabinet of Minesters Decree issued on June 4 2015, you can read it here rada.gov.ua According to that decree Ukrainians or foreigners can get in or out of Crimea only via 3 official checkpoints: Kalanchak, Chaplynka and Chonhar. Ukrainian citizens don't need any extra documents and they can travel based on their local ID card or international passport. Foreigners must apply for special permission that will allow them to cross one of the checkpoints. Permission is issued by local offices of State Migration Service of Ukraine located in Novotroitskiy or Henichesky Rayons of Kherson Region. The permission must be ready within 5 working days. You can find locations of offices here dmsu.gov.ua One of them is located in Novotroitske at Chapaeva St 8, phone: +38 (05548) 5-19-31. Another one is located in Henichesk at Mira St 44, phone: +38 (05534) 3-67-65.

Migration Office Application form to go to Crimea

Checkpoints to Crimea. Open hours

All 3 checkpoints Kalanchak, Chaplynka and Chonhar are located on Ukraine controlled territory on Kherson Region. They are controlled by Ukraine Border Guard Service and Migration Service. You can cross those checkpoints just walking or you can drive by car.

Chonhar checkpoint to Crimea

Going to Crimea via Russian border

You can also get to Crimea from Russia via Kerch by a ferry. This way is not recommended because it's illegal according to Ukrainian laws. Border Guard Service lost control on the border there and it's under Russia's control. So if you get to Crimea outside of official Ukrainian checkpoints you may get penalty or even get banned from entering Ukraine next time you cross Ukrainian border.

Ferry at Kerch