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Lugansk Ukraine Travel Guide. News, Apartments Rent, Flights booking, Flower Delivery and other services in Lugansk.

Alex and Nataly in Lugansk Ukraine This website was created to give visitors more information about Lugansk with today news and provide professional services, help with travel arrangments, such as Lugansk apartments rent, help to book a hotel room, buy tickets to fly to the city, deliver flowers to your girlfriend and so on. If you plan to visit Lugansk, I can really do a lot to make your trip much easier and safe. I am in this business since 2002. You can hire me, Alexander, as your personal Lugansk Travel Guide and Interpreter for just $10 per hour. For the last few years I have also developed relationships with reliable partners in Donetsk, Odessa and Kharkov. I've met some really good friends from other countries in Lugansk already. Me and my wife are always glad to meet new people. Below is the short list and information about what I can do for you in Lugansk and some other cities of Ukraine. You can call me at +380502242890 or write at luganskukraine.info@gmail.com
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Lugansk Apartments Rental services

Rent Lugansk apartments in the center of the city starting from $30 can be rented for one night or for 6 months and longer. The prices are at least 30% cheaper than a hotel and the quality is much better. You get more privacy and can run your business or have fun with friends all night. All of the flats for rent are equipped with WiFi Internet, a DVD player, microwave, washing machine and independent hot water system. If you need to book some specific apartment in Lugansk, it's better to do it in advance, as sometimes it gets really busy, specially on weekends and holidays. Those who make travel plans before hand always have better choice of accommodation.

How to get to Lugansk. Flights booking. Train tickets. Buses.

The easiest way to get to the city is take a flight. There are cheap flights from Kiev to Lugansk for $165 round trip. If you need to get a ticket, I can book it for you and send it to your e-mail. So you just show your passport when you get on a flight. Another option is a train. There are trains to Lugansk from different cities around Ukraine, please check details here train tickets for $25. Check photos and video of Lugansk airport. Train tickets are cheaper, but it takes much longer to travel by train and the level of comfort is very poor, so I would suggest to take a train if no other choice is available. Check photos, videos and description of Lugansk train station. And the last option is to take a bus to Lugansk. Here are details about that buses. You can check timetable and buy bus tickets online as well. But sometimes buses are not reliable and can break in a middle of a road and you can stuck between cities for few hours! Unfortunately, that happened to some of my clients in past. In case you are traveling from Kharkov to Lugansk you can also check information about flights to Kharkov, Kharkov trains and timetable of Kharkov buses. You can also get to Lugansk via Donetsk, it's only 150km from Lugansk and would take 2 hours to drive, and here is info about flights to Donetsk, trains to Donetsk and buses to Donetsk.

Some facts about Lugansk. History. Economics. Culture. Lugansk women.

Read a little of Lugansk history. Most of the people in Lugansk speak Russian language as it's very close to Russia, Ukrainian is mostly used on a government level and in official documents. The total population of the city is close to half a million. People mostly live in apartments now, and some in houses. Locals are not very religious, but consider themselves to be Christians. There are many churches around and even new ones that have been built lately. Many universities attract students from Africa, Indian and Arabic countries, most of them go back home after graduation, but few choose to live here, so other religions and cultures start to get in. There is even a mosque in Lugansk now, it looks very nice, we went there with one of my friends who is Muslim. There are many restaurants, discos and of course the city is famous for Lugansk girls.

Flowers and presents delivery service.

Flowers and gifts delivery in Lugansk, Ukraine and other cities around Lugansk Region. Long-stemmed red roses starting from $4 per flower including a photo for free and ID check of a girl. There are different compositions of calla lily's, roses, viburmum and bluporum. Delivery of toys, fruits, chocolates and letters. Customized greeting cards, professionally designed. Express delivery within 60 minutes. You can alslo order delivery to other cities close to Lugansk. There maybe some extra costs for that, so contact me to calculate the total price.

Rent mobile phone with local number while you are in Lugansk.

Ukrainian Mobile Cell Phones rent. You can rent Ukrainian cell phone from me for $15, all incoming phone calls and text messages will be for free. Outgoing phone calls anywhere around Ukraine would cost 10 cents per minute, to call out of Ukraine to any other country would cost only 30 cents per minute. You can also rent a mobile phone with Android operating system for $25, so you will be connected to the Internet all the time and will have google translation on the phone that will help you a lot since there are not many people in Ukraine who speak English.

Booking a room at one of the hotels of Lugansk.

Your plans change fast? You are not sure how long you are going to stay in the city? We will help you to get a nice room in one of the hotels of the city and will pick you up at train station or drive you from the airport with an English-speaking guide to assist you. Budget rooms starting from $40 per night. We would recommend to stay in Lugansk Hotel or Druzhba Plus Hotel as they are perfect for location and price. The booking fee is only $25.

Photos of Lugansk city.

Lugansk Photos. More than 100 photos of different places in the city. Buildings, hotels, train station, airport, skating ring, bowling club, restaurants, parks, streets, historical monuments and people. Photos of holidays. Flower festival and City Day and other events. Photos of City Hall, schools and universities.

Check out the map of Lugansk.

Map of Lugansk. You can find here the full list of the streets in Lugansk and locations of main spots in the city in English and Russian. The map is very detailed and has the numbers of buildings. The maps of other cities in the area are also available here. The map is very easy to navigate, all you need is to select the street and number of building.

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