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About :: English classes and private lessons in Lugansk, Ukraine.
Right now there are few English schools in Lugansk, like New-Tone, Lugansk Interpreters School, American English Center and etc. Those schools have offices in different parts of Lugansk. The classes can be everyday or few times a week. The price for classes at all Englsih schools of Lugansk is about the same and converting into USD is about $35-$45 a month. So it makes it affordable for every one who wishes to learn English language.
Educational Center LINGUA
Based on Lugansk National University of Taras Shevchenko. The school teaches three languages: English, Italian and Spanish. The groups are 3-10 people each of any age. The classes are 2 times a week in the evening. Each class is 2 hours, that is 8 classes a month. The price for English classes is $35-$40 per month, depending on the level. The price for Spanish is $40 a month and the price for Italian classes is about $44 per month.
Phone numbers: +380642719589, +380642535234, +380502852773
Lugansk Specialized Interpreters Training School
This special training school has few offices in Lugansk and they are the leaders in teaching English language to people of different age. They have special program for those who plan to move to some English-speaking country and needs to learn how to speak the language. The total course takes 6 months. The classes are 3 times a week, each lesson is 1 hour and 30 minutes. These classes cost $35 per month. The classes can be at different time during a day, the timetable is flexible, so people who work can attend them after work in the evening. 
Phone numbers: +380642344450, +380642344060, +380642554122, +380642470520, +380642494674
This is another very good English school in Lugansk. Right now they have 3 offices. The main office is on the East of Lugansk just next to the biggest university, another office is in the center and one on the South. The price for classes is about $40 per month. They offer 3 classes for free. And their course is about 9 months. They also use native American speakers to record dialogs they use in classes, and their method of teaching is very progressive, they don't use Russian language during classes at all!
Phone numbers: +380642631295, +380642711811, +380642330501
American English Center
This school has offices around Ukraine, and they finally opened one in Lugansk in December 2009. They have 8 weeks crash course, 3 hours everyday, 5 days a week. Most of the teachers are from USA. The price for this crash course starts from $85 up to $125 (for 8 weeks) depending on a level. They can also accept online payment using PayPal
Phone numbers: +380642338006
Private lessons
There are a lot of school and university teachers in Lugansk who offer private lessons for everyone. The price for lessons from a good teacher of English is $5-$8 for 45 minutes.
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