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 About :: Ukrainian Mobile Cell phones rent in Lugansk
When you travel to another country specially to Ukraine where not many people can speak English, it is very important to have a way to call your friends in case you need some help. The best solution is to have a local Ukrainian cell phone number when you are in Ukraine. Your phone from USA or Europe may not always work in roaming mode when you come to Lugansk, even if your phone company tells you that it will work for sure... But even if it works, it may cost you a lot of money to make local and international phone calls, so when you come back home you can have unpleasant surprise and a bill for few hundred dollars... The solution is to buy or rent a phone in Ukraine with a local number. I offer regular mobile phones for rent for $15 for 15 days, all incoming phone calls and text messages are for free on such phone, outgoing phone calls around Ukraine would be less than 10 cents per minute and all outgoing phone calls to any country outside of Ukraine would be only 30 cents per minute. Since that is a local cell phone, people in Ukraine can call you for very cheap rates as they do all the time, so you will always be in touch with your Ukrainian contacts and friends abroad.
Android Phone for rent! Now I offer new option. You can rent Android Phone from me for $25 for 15 days. The rates for the phone calls are the same as renting regular cell phone. The bonus is that with such phone you can always be connected to the Internet. The phone has google translation program on it and English-Russian dictionary. So with such phone you can go anywhere and feel free communicating with people who do not speak English as you can translate everything on the phone immediatelly. The phone has speech recognition feature, so when Russian speaking person is talking to you, the conversation can automatically be translated into English. The phone also has Russian and English keyboard.
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