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About :: Nightclubs and Nightlife in Lugansk, Ukraine
Nightlife in Lugansk is not so interesting as in big cities like Kiev or Odessa. But there are still a lot of beautiful young girls who save the situation. You see them any place you go! All of them are dressed like models, high heels, make up and so on. There are always more girls than men at any club in Lugansk, at least 2-3 times more and it's easy to meet one there. Most of the nightclubs allow free entrance for girls on certain days of week. There are no nightclubs in the center, all of them are outside of downtown, so you will have to take a taxi to get there, no more than 15 minutes drive one way. All taxi drivers know where to go and the price for a trip is $3-$5.
Opera night club in LuganskOpera also called Sound Hall Opera opened on 31st of December 2009. It is only open 2 days a week on Friday and Saturday. Designed more like a concert hall. The dance floor is on a stage and the bar is also located there. Next to the stage there are the most expensive tables. Next go sofas for bigger companies. There are also tables on the 2nd floor level with a view over the stage and tables downstairs. Opera is trying to present itself as elite club and has dress-code and face-control. The address of the club is Druzhba block 19. Travel time by taxi from the downtown is about 15 minutes. Table reservation phone numbers: +380952468120 and +380642503030. Website address
Gagarin Night Club in LuganskAnother popular nightclub in Lugansk is Gagarin, it was named after the 1st man in space Yuriy Gagarin. The club works since 2006, it's open 7 days a week. The tables in the club are for 150 people in total, there is also a bar where you can sit down and relax. This club is close to the biggest university in Lugansk, so students like to hang out there. It shares same building with Opera Nightclub. Opera is on the ground floor and Gagarin is underground with entrance on the opposite side of the building. So the address for the club is Druzhba block 19. Takes about 15 minutes to get there by taxi from the center of Lugansk. To reserve a table call +380952468120 or +380642503030. The night club has it's own website
Apelsin Night Club in Lugansk Apelsin is one of the newest nightclubs of Lugansk. It has it's own building in the residential area on the South of the city. "Apelsin" in English means "Orange". The price to enter the club is $4-$5 depending on a day of the week. If you come on Wednesday, girls can get in for free. The club has it's own VIP-sauna for visitors. The club is open 7 days a week with different music style every day. The address of the club is Zarechniy block 13-A. It's about 10 minutes by taxy from the center. Phone number to reserve a table +380642336222, phone number for the sauna +380642336111 or +380669336222. You can check photos at the club's website
Colosseum Concert Hall in Lugansk Colosseum also called as Concert Hall Colosseum is the biggest nightclub in Lugansk. It has 2 levels, nice stage for different type of shows and can provide tables for 450 people. Many local music bands and well known singers perform there for public. So if there is a good, that's the most crowded place at night in town! And if you like busy clubs, that is definitely the place to go. VIP tables in the club give more privacy if you want to relax from the noise for a while. You can only get to this nightclub by taxi as it's pretty far, this club is also on the East of Lugansk and it would take about 20 minutes to drive there from the center. The address is Vozrozhdeniya street 11-B. Phone numbers for the club are +380642341888 and +380508769626. You can check photos and videos at the website
List of Nightclubs in Lugansk.
Name Phone number Website Address
Opera +380952468120 Druzhba block 19
Gagarin +380952468120 Druzhba block 19
Apelsin +380642336222 Zarechniy block 13-A
Colosseum +380508769626 Vozrozhdeniya street 11-B
Saxar +380642624621 50 Let Oktiabrya block 4-A
PartyZone +380644249949 Alchevsk, Metallurgov 14-A
Some interesting facts. A nightclub in Ukraine and Russia is also often called Disco, the Russian word for it is "diskoteka", it comes from French and literally means a collection of discs. There are also more people at nightclubs on such holidays as Women Day on March 8 and on February 23 Army Day, those are only celebrated in former USSR countries. Another interesting holiday when all students go party is Students Day, the funny thing is that it is celebrated 2 times a year, first on November 17 since 1999 and the second time on January 25, celebrated since 1755 when new university in Moscow was founded, it is also called Tatiana's Day, saint Tatiana is the patroness of all students in Russia. 
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