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About :: Lugansk Train Station. Train tickets office. Trains timetable.

Lugansk Train Station The history of Lugansk Train Station goes back to 1878 when there were railways built to connect Lugansk to coal transportation system and it also connected Lugansk factory to other industrial centers of that time. The modern building of Lugansk train station was built in 1980 and it's one of the newest train stations around Ukraine. Here you can check trains timetable and tickets booking.

Videos of Lugansk Train Station and some description.

Lugansk train passage to tracks
The train station connects Lugansk to all major cities of Ukraine. And it's possible to get a direct train from Lugansk almost anywhere you need. The most popular directions to travel by train from Lugansk are Kiev, Moscow, Odessa, Kharkov, Donetsk, Simferopol, Feodosia Dnepropetrovsk, Poltava and many other cities in between. Most of the long distance trains depart in the evening time and arrive next morning, so you can sleep during your trip. That may be convenient as you don't waste day time for travel. Trains in Ukraine are very slow and very old, but still that's the most reliable transportation in Ukraine. The train station building has few levels. On the ground floor there is left-luggage office where you can leave your bags for few hours or even for few days for very little payment. WC is also on the ground level not far from luggage office. There is also big area for the waiting room with many chairs where you can sit and watch TV or read a newspaper while waiting for your train. You can also buy a map of Lugansk and other cities where you plan to go by train. And you can check a little cafe there for a cup of coffee or tea with some sandwiches. There is also a panel that shows details on the trains that are leaving and arriving, time and rail line. To get to the upper level where tickets offices are located you just go by the rampant, that's very convenient and you avoid stairs and just walk with your spinner wheels travel bag. The upper level of the train station also has another exit to the city. If you just arrived to Lugansk by train, I suggest to go there to pick up the taxi as there are always some of them waiting there, or better use taxi service, the price for a taxi to the downtown would be about $3, they can charge up to $5 if you have a lot of luggage. For sure it's better to call for a taxi, because if you try to get one that is already there, you may get ripped off and the price will get doubled as soon as they hear you speaking English. If you walk out of the train station via upper exit, you can see Lugansk city center and you can actually walk there, that's going to take about 10-15 minutes, can be hard in winter, but in summer that's pretty easy. The train station has 7 tracks, so if you train is not at track 1, you would need to use the passage that goes above the railways to get to it. And that's really something that I don't like about Lugansk train station as it's not friendly to travelers who have big bags, you will have to carry them up and down the stairs a lot! The ground passage to the tracks exists, but that's a long walk around and often those passages may be blocked by the trains on the other tracks.

Lugansk train station tickets offices. How to buy tickets in Lugansk online.

Lugansk train station tickets office
Lugansk train station wating room
Lugansk train station timetable
Train tickets offices are located on the upper level of the train station. There are many of them, but usually, there are only 3-4 that are open, so in summer time and holidays there are many people in the line and you may wait for an hour to get to the window and find out that there are no tickets left for you train. Even if the ticket office is open, it doesn't mean that you can go there. Some of them only service special categories of passengers, like military and so on. The system with train tickets at the station is terrible and women working there are not very friendly. I gave up on buying train tickets at the station and only do it online now. Here is a link where you can buy train tickets online. But even with that, you will still have to go to the ticket office to print the ticket as they only give you the code when you buy it online. There is separate ticket office at Lugansk train station that deals with tickets that you buy via the Internet. It has a sign "Internet" on it. But again, people who have no idea about the Internet, also go to that window to buy tickets and create the line. So this way or another, if you are not lucky, you will have to waste your time in the line. The only positive thing about buying train tickets online is that you know for sure that you have your ticket and you just need to spend your time to get it from the train station. Good news, there is a ticket office at the train station which is open 24 hours. It is only one ticket office like that, but even that place can have 15 minutes break at night. Most of the people usually go to the station to buy tickets between 8am and 8pm, so if you avoid this timing, it's more likely you will be the only person in the line for the tickets. There is also another secret place at the train station where you can go to buy your tickets. It is called Service Center. It was created in USSR times specially for foreigners and that's a nicely managed ticket office with AC in summer. There is a little sign for it, it's located between lower and the upper level of the train station and it's really a secret place that most of the people have no idea about. You would just pay extra dollar for your ticket, but will get it withing 5 minutes and no stress. Such place exist at all major train stations around Ukraine. There are 2 women at that office to service passengers who are quite friendly and you can relax there in a nice soft chair while waiting for your tickets. Remember to have cash in UAH to buy tickets and the chances to buy it with your Visa or MasterCard are close to zero. Luckily there are ATM machines on the upper level of the station and there is also currency exchange office where you can get local Ukrainian money.

How to get to Lugansk Train Station.

The most common way local people use to get to the train station is public transportation. There are buses going to the train station very often, and the price for the bus ticket is only 0.30 USD or 2.50 UAH. If you live in the city center you can just walk there, there is a straight street from the city square to the train station called Kotsyubinskogo street. It's about 15 minutes walk from the central city square to the train station. And sure I would recommend to use taxi service. It's only $3-$5 to get to the station from the city center.
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