Lugansk Ukraine City
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About :: Lugansk Ukraine. A little history, economy, population, culture and territory.
Lugansk Coat of Arms Lugansk is the city where I was born, grew up and live all my life. I don't say it's the best in the world, but as any other city, you can find nice places around here. In this article I will try to tell you about the city, so you can understand a little better people who live here and if somebody asks you what you know about Lugansk, you can always answer without hesitation. Local people will treat you with more respect since you show interest to their environment and life style. Check my website from time to time in future, I am keeping it up to date and add new information that may be helpful to you. The picture on the left is the official symbol of the city.
Lugansk spelled in Russian City name. Everything starts with the name. And here is the 1st confusion about the city. If you check the Internet you will see that some people spell it as Lugansk and some people spell it as Luhansk. This is very easy to explain. It is the closest Ukrainian city to Russia and majority speak Russian language. And the name of the city sounds Lugansk and that is natural for local people to say it like that. But when Ukraine got independent in 1991 the government started to change everything into Ukrainian language including names of the streets, towns and cities. So in Ukrainian pronunciation it became Luhansk. For me as for the person who has a diploma in languages that is not right. Names must sound same in all languages. If your name Michael, you don't turn into Misha as soon as you cross Russian border.
Drawing of old Lugansk factory by A. Dumskoy How it all started. As you have noticed Russia always was in some sort of war with somebody. The land where the city is located now was rich for iron and that is the material you need to produce weapons. Coal was also here and that made the perfect combination to build a factory and start the production of canons and other type of weapons. Plus the location of the city was very convenient to supply the army. The official history of Lugansk starts in 1775. Before they started to build the factory there were some settlements around that nowadays became part of the city. The factory was build on a river called Lugan. So they started to call in Lugansk factory. -sk is a suffix that is used in words construction to show relevancy to something, and that gave the name for the city. Couple of times during Soviet Union era the name of the city was changed to Voroshilovgrad. Voroshilov was a hero of WWII, grad means city in old Russian language. Some people still call the city Voroshilovgrad as they associate it with the times when they were young and everything seemed to be bright and moving to the great future of communism.
Lugansk spelled in Russian What is Lugansk now? Right now Lugansk is the administrative center. It means that it is the capital of the territory called oblast. Oblast is like a state in USA. All taxes from other cities and towns go to Lugank. The regional government is located in a nice building in the center and it is also known as White House of Lugansk. It is the most Eastern city in Ukraine very close to Russia. Russian border is about 40 minutes drive. So if you plan a trip across the county you should start in Lugansk and finish in Lviv. The population of the city is close to half a million. Lugansk is ranked #11 in Ukraine, it is smaller than Mariupol and bigger than Sevastopol. The total population of Lugansk Oblast with smaller cities, towns and villages is a little over 2 million people. The center of Lugansk is the nicest part of town with parks and fountains. But fountains do not always work even if it's hot as hell, city is trying to save some money on electricity and water. You can always find a place to hide in the shade of the trees, they make Lugansk very beautiful in summer time and the city is known to be one of the greenest in the country. Many cafes and restaurants compete with each other fighting for the clients, so the food is really nice and cheap. Still not all of the places have their menus translated into English, so choose wise if you don't want to get soup for breakfast.
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