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About :: Current weather in Lugansk, Ukraine. Forecast for 3 days. Temperature in Lugansk.
The climate in Ukraine can be characterized as temperate continental. Lugansk is the most Eastern regional capital city in Ukraine. There are 4 weather seasons with long hot summer and cold winter. The comfortable summer temperature starts in May, the average temperature in this month is about +22C (that's about 72F). The highest temperature in May ever registered in history was +36C (97F). The days in this time of the year are warm and sunny. The hottest time starts in the middle of July and ends in the middle of August when it can get up to +40C (104F). The air is dry in summer and it's not so bad, the land of Lugansk is flat with a lot of winds and that's natural air conditioning.
It starts getting colder in September with average temperature +21C (70F) during the day time. There are more rains in October and November. The coldest months are January and February, that's the real winter with a lot of snow and extreme cold weather, the average winter temperature during the day time is -8C (18F), but some days it can get extremely cold -25C (-13F), it doesn't happen often and usually is back to normal within few days, be prepared for cold if you are travelling in winter!
Climate of Lugansk, temperature change during the year, maximum and minimum.
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Absolute Maximum, °C 12.8 17.3 23.1 31.8 36.6 39.4 40.5 42.0 36.8 31.2 22.8 15.6
Average Maximum, °C -1 -0.4 5.7 15.6 22.2 26.4 28.7 28.1 21.8 13.9 5.3 0.1
Average Temperature, °C -4.1 -4.2 1.3 9.6 15.8 20.0 22.2 21.2 15.3 8.6 1.7 -2.7
Average Minimum, °C -6.8 -7.4 -2.4 4.2 9.4 13.8 16.0 14.5 9.4 4.0 -1.2 -5.5
Absolute Minumim, °C -41.9 -36.9 -27.3 -12.1 -8.2 -1.8 5.2 -0.4 -7.2 -16.3 -26.3 -29.6
Some interesting facts. The coldest temperature -41.9 °C  was registered in Jan 1935 and the hottest was 42.0 °C in August 2010. There are 135 rainy days during the year, 68 days with snow, 26 days of fog, 30 days of storm. There are 132 sunny days, 173 cloudy and 60 gloomy days in Lugansk during the year. Lugansk has the most extreme temperature changes in Ukraine and it is often the coldest city in winter and the hottest in summer.
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