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Home :: Marriage agencies and free dating sites in Ukraine and Lugansk. 

Marriage Agency VS Dating SiteLugansk is very big city with total population about half a million people. Naturally, there are a lot of single girls looking for a good man to get married. When you get online and visit Western dating sites and marriage agencies sites it may look like beautiful and young girls would jump on you as soon as you land in Lugansk airport. You should rember that such dating sites and agencies are out there to make money and that is business. For them girls are just product that they need to sell. But are they really interested to close the deal and finish the sale? Ideally a woman gets registered and soon finds a man, all is good, they get married and the girl goes to live to USA, England, Australia and so on. And at the end, the agency has no girls who was attracting clients and no men paying for services. If Ukraine marriage agency or a dating site would work in a perfect world it would shut down in few months, in reality they would be more interested if you keep using their services and pretty girls stay active on a site as long as possible. Join our Free Dating Service!

Where are local marriage agencies in Lugansk?

If you walk around Lugansk streets all day, you will not find any sign of a marriage agency. They still exist, but they are like secret clubs hiding from the public. Still there are many ads in local newspapers looking for young girls to join marriage agencies and they recruit a lot of students at universities. They rent small offices in different parts of town, some of them are even located in regular apartments in residential areas. Usually there is not even a sign on their doors. And if you do the search in the Internet for marriage agencies in Lugansk, you can hardly find 1 or 2 of them with their own websites. For some reasons local marriage agencies gave up the idea of promoting themselves online and decided to join bigger international dating sites. That is perfect for them as if you catch some girl on a big dating site playing games, the local agency would not loose its face as you really never know who is behind the girl from Lugansk on the local level, so they really don't have to care about their reputation. That is pretty bad as right now nobody is responsible for anything. If something happens the big dating network will blame the local marriage agency who is only affiliated to them and nobody will tell you who those guys were.

Join free dating sites.

There is a way to find girls from Lugansk who are really looking for relationships! In 2003 Russian based Internet company MAMBA started their free online dating website. And it got so popular that there are over 13 million users there now with 80-120 thousands people online any time you visit the site. I am partner with them and you can join it here girls.luganskukraine.info This dating site is FREE forever. You can register, search for women, chat to them, give them your contact info and do everything that you can never do on most of big dating networks where you have to pay almost for anything. On this dating site there is only direct communication and no agents between you and the girl you are interested at. This is number one free dating site in Lugansk. There are 5754 women from Lugansk age 18-40 registered on this site. This is two times more than all Western dating sites all together! If you are looking for women all over Ukraine visit www.Ukraine-Women-for-Marriage.com with millions of profiles of single girls.