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About :: Personal References for Alexander Cherednichenko

Thanks everyone who wrote a reference letter for my website. This is the best advertisement for me and you can always contact me if you need my help or have some questions in future!
In My travels, I have been to the Ukraine a multitude of times. I gained the association with Alex Cherenichenko on June of 2004, on my visit to the City of Lugansk. Alex and I have been close associates since this time. If you are traveling to the Eastern side of the Ukraine, I highly recommend you call or contact Alex for his expertise and assistance. As a professional business man of international travels, I can give Alex my stamp of approval for honesty, professionalism and excellent service of a "AAA Rating." The first person I call, if I am traveling to the Ukraine is Alex and I know all things will be handled, without a glitch.
Best Regards,
William M. Chapman, Ph.D., USA
I am a tennis coach from Australia and come each year to tennis tournaments in Ukraine. I met up with Alex on this first trip in 2004 renting two apartments from him. In June I employed him to travel with my fiancee and I for a three week Ukrainian tour and last year he accompanied two of my young players to Belorussia when I was tied up. On both of these occassions he did a fantastic friendly job. No-one in Ukraine could you trust more or will you give you better quality or value service. Feel free to email me on if you would like any further information
Charlie, Australia
I met Alex when I was working on a real estate transaction. He was able to determine how to make the process as easy as possible with a comfortable level of transparency. He has acted on my behalf as a consultant, personal assistant, financial adviser, cost benefit and cost containment analyst and most importantly a consistently valuable perspective to bring an objective opinion to the any project. He is most valuable to those who seek assistance in locating and obtaining current and accurate information in a timely and efficient manner. I would recommend Alex to any individual who is not confident of his surroundings in any FSU country. Alex delivers results and understands what needs to be done to get results. If you need a personal reference you can reach me
Thank you very much for all that you helped me with there in Lugansk, I only wish I could have found someone just like you in each of the other cities, that I stayed in, as your service was outstanding in every way. the apartment that you found me was so much more reasonable than all the other options that I found in Lugansk, or compared to any other city that I stayed in! The location was perfectly located, and the major super market right around the corner was a life saver. Your interpretation service was less than half of any other that I paid in all the other cities, and it was so much to my advantage to have a man to handle things for me than the ladies who I had to use in all the other cities over the 7 weeks that I spent in Ukraine. I don't know how you can be so much more reasonable on all your services that all the other tour agents, and the agencies that I used to meet the ladies, but I need you to post this letter to your web site for all the other men who will come to Ukraine and need the services that you offer, so that they too can spend less than half the money than your competition. I figured it up last night and if I could have had your services for all seven weeks of my trip, you would have saved me just over $2200.00 dollars in interpretation fees, lodging, and tour guides. I know you will treat any man who reads this with the same great service that you gave me, and I really appreciate you and all of your efforts. I will give my work phone # in case anyone from the US wants to here the details of your great effort straight from my own mouth. You tell them to call me before they come, and I will make sure they understand all of the advantages of using you for all there needs. 850-763-6600. I will call you a few months ahead of time before I come back next time.
Thanks a million Alex.
Darren Stinespring, USA
I came across Alex's website after doing some research on the internet to find a reputable point of contact in Ukraine. I asked Alex to investigate information and he assisted with accurate unbiased data, and in a very quick turnaround. He is a positive asset and ambassador to Ukraine and now a trusted friend. I recommend Alex without reservation.
Carel, UK
I have made two visits to Lugansk in the past year and have asked Alex for his help both times. The first trip, was my very first international flight... EVER! I e-mailed Alex and also chatted online with him a few times about my plans to visit Lugansk. Something about him struck home with me. Alex has arranged for a nice, comfortable apartment for me both times I've gone to Lugansk. On my more recent trip, I was having problems arranging airfare from Kiev to Lugansk, so I asked Alex. My tickets to and from Lugansk were waiting for me when I arrived in Kiev! On both trips, Alex met me at the airport in Lugansk, with a taxi, and took me to my apartment. My flights arrived late, and trying to get a taxi might have been difficult, if not impossible, without him! I usually communicate with Alex via e-mail or chat if I catch him online, and had not visited his site for some time. I was surprised by all of the new services he is offering! He didn't really mention his new services to me when I was recently in Lugansk in November 2008, but, having met a lovely young woman who does not speak very much English, I plan to write to her and discuss her taking English lessons through Alex. Of course, I also plan to send her flowers through Alex. I guess the only thing left is for Alex to help us with Russian lessons! Alex won't leave you hanging. He is always available by phone if you have any questions about almost anything while you are in Lugansk. I consider Alex to be my friend, and if you plan to visit Lugansk, he's a good friend to have.
Bob Harmon, USA
Hello Alexander I just want to thank you for the service in which you provide. The photo was perfect and so were the roses Thank You!!! I'm sure I will be contacting you again and when I arrive in Lugansk I would like to meet you and shake your hand and thank you in person.
Thank you.
Darrell Wallberg, USA
Dear Friends, I must commend your excellent agency for its very high standards of professionalism and integrity. At a time when Interent scammers are endangering the basic function of internet communications, your representative, Alex Cherednichenko, has done an incredible job helping to ensure honesty in the system. Alex is an extremely capable representaive of your company. I contacted him regarding my interest in visiting Ukraine. He immediatley inquired if this was to meet an internet date, which it was. Then he checked her background and immediately identified her as a scammer. He saved me hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. In fact if he had only concentrated on my initial request for travel plans etc., he would have made more money. Instead he selflessly protected my interests and helped to uncover the truth. I hope Alex will be around a long time as he is a true hero and an interesting personality, too. I very much hope to visit your wonderful country soon, and repay my debt of gratitude to Alex in person!
Sincerely yours,
Christopher Burke, Fort Valley, VA, USA
Hi Alex, i just wanted to say thanks about this woman in can find those photos that she uses on..playboy..Model..Divini Rae... I sent her the web address and told her that she is an absolute fraud..... it is too bad that Tasso did not do his home work before coming to the Ukraine..but, all and all.. i think if one is care full, they may find what they seek..
Dan, USA
Dear Alex,
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have provided me. I will recommend your service to any person who is interested to travel to the Ukraine.
Best Regards
Terence Howard, South Africa
I found Alex's website on a forum that also praised his work. I asked Alex to look into a company in the Ukraine and he gave me correct information. He also was able to help me network in his country. He was prompt and courteous. He is an upbeat person and a great friend to have in the Ukraine. I hope Alex will continue to help me in future endeavors. I recommend Alex highly.
Chris, USA
I am a gentleman from Australia. I know Alex for years. He is my good friend. He has the excellent organizing, helping and problem-solving skills. He is willingly to help good people from overseas. He helped me many times, immediately, as soon as possible. He always does his best to make good people happy. I am very thankful for his help and valuable advises. He advised me, and checked, if this girl is scammer, and I saved lots of money by his advises. He did best, cheapest flower delivery, as you ever get, with beautiful 11 long stemmed, big dark red roses with Russian translated text on a card, chocolate and gift, including free ID check and conformation photo. Don't trust any Ukrainian men and women, except Alex! He is the best man in Ukraine. He is very happy to help you, if you have any problem.
All Best!
Akiji, Australia
I learned of Alex Cherednichenko in researching various areas of the Ukraine for possible travel. His knowledge and expertise are outstanding, not only of the cities, hotels, flights and such, but also of potential pitfalls such as problematic or even fraudulent businesses. I would never travel to the Ukraine without his assistance and consultation. Doing so will save you many hours and probably dollars in misspent time and money. Use him; he's worth it!
Tom, Louisville, KY, USA
Dear Alex, I just wanted to say thank you so much for making my trip to Lugansk a great experience. I really appreciated your assistance on picking me up from the airport and arranging for my apartment rental. In addition, it was also appreciated that when i needed your help getting a cell phone or finding a good restaurant, you were always easy to reach and most helpful. Your advise about the beautiful women in Lugansk was very helpful as well and thank you for looking after me. I would highly recommend that any person going to Lugansk talk you and work with you as you make what could be a daunting experience traveling to country where you do not know the language, into a pleasurable and memorable trip.
Thanks again,
Michael Ortiz, USA
I have not met Alex in person but he has helped me in many ways over the web. I was corresponding with a lady from Lugansk who i suspected of not being honest. With Alex's help I was able to confirm the lady was in fact trying to scam. Alex saved me a wasted trip to Lugansk and I now consider him my good online friend.
Eric, USA
I was in correspondence with a girl from Lugansk, she gave me her address and started to suggest that she needed money. I came across Alex and his website through an internet search. I wanted to check that this girls address was genuine, Alex provided fast, efficient and reliable help and with the information that he provided I was able to ascertain that her intentions were not honorable. He saved me a lot of time, effort and perhaps even money, Alex is a credit to the Ukraine and I would recommend contacting him if ever you need any information or help.
Chris, UK
I'm from Ireland and found Alexander's name on the Internet, he did a lot of research for me to find a persons address. He e-mailed me on an ongoing basis to update his progress. When he finished this work he declined payment which amazed me. I hope I can some day do him a favour, perhaps in my country. I could not praise Alexander enough and recommend him with full confidence.
Dermot, Cork, Ireland
Alex is a very reliable and honest person who is more than happy to help. I really appreciate all his effort and help and would recommend him to anybody who is looking for any assistance in Lugansk.
Ralph, UK
Bonjour à tous. Vous cherchez quelqu'un de fiable pour organiser vos déplacements en ukraine? Alex est l'homme qu'il vous faut, et je tenais à le remercier pour ses services rendus. Aussi, et pour ceux qui croient encore aux contes de fées, Alex est là pour nous rappeler la réalité de ce pays si tentant de par l'exotisme de ces habitantes, mais encore si cruel de part le nombre de personnes profitant de la crédulité des internautes... Je ne dis pas que toutes celles que vous rencontrerez sont des scammers déguisés, mais SVP faites attention avant d'envoyer quoi que ce soit... Besoin d'un conseil? Alex est là pour vous aider à y voir plus clair dans les méandres des sites de rencontre sur internet, entre autres..
Merci à toi.
Laurent F, Paris, FRANCE
I came across Alex's web site by accident and it is the best accident I've ever had!! Alex has been worth his weight in gold with helping me to discover wether the girl I have been chatting to is genuine or not. I used Alex's service to deliver flowers and a letter to a lady and his feed back was what I was hoping for. Alex runs a very fast and efficiant service and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his services. I will certainly contact Alex the next time I am in Lugansk to thank him personally.
Rikki, UK
I would like to say that I contacted Alex in December of 2008. I was in Kherson visiting a friend and wanted to suprise a lady I had been writing to for some time. I will admit to being a hopeless romantic and had movie like visions in my head of suprising Anna. Several weeks before I left I had written Anna and told her that I might have a suprise for her for christmas. She replied that the best suprise I could give her was myself. So I set out to do just that. I wrote Alex that I was arriving in Lugansk the next day and needed his help. I had a few problems to work out. The first of which was that I only knew Anna's name and the information she had given me in our letters. I did not have her mobile number or her address. I had written her the night before I arrived in Lugansk but had not yet heard back from her. Unadaunted by this seemingly impossible task Alex helped me play John Cusak in Serendipidy. We went to an internet cafe and tried looking her up on russian facebook and classmates pages in an attempt to get Anna' phone number. We emailed not only all those on her contact list but everyone on her friends lists as well who might be able to help us find her. All to no avail. Still undaunted we went down to the university she attended since they were in finals week to see if we could find her final exam schedule and meet her outside the room. Still we had no luck there. Still undaunted we moved forward. It was at this time I remembered Anna had once written me from a friends email account and Alex immediately sent a letter two her. Two hours later she called him up and Alex told her I was in town. A few hours after that I got the chance to meet the lady and deliver my Christmas suprise. It was the best moment of my and her life and I owe all of it to Alex. All I can say is if you have questions or need help this guy delievers. He is honorable and his first goal is seemingly always helping you. Thanks again Alex for helping make dreams come true.
Steve, USA
Hi Alex, First I must say thank you very much for your help last night. You probably saved what could have amounted to thousands of dollars. I met that girl online 2 years ago this month and have been writing to her constantly at the same email address for the entire time. This is why I didn't feel that she was scamming me. I have been preparing for a visit to Ukraine and was planning to visit around the beginning of May 2009, so I started looking around different travel websites and I came across your forum on and would recommend any traveler to check their page if they are going to a place that they have never been. But more importantly if they are traveling to Lugansk, Ukraine I would recommend that they use your website and email any and all questions that they have to you. I found that you were very prompt in answering my questions and protecting myself on the internet and when I'm in Ukraine. You also got me a little more prepared for my trip to Lugansk.
Thank you again,
Ron Ohio, USA
I discovered Alex's website while looking for accommodation in Lugansk. This was my second trip, so I knew more or less what I wanted. Alex was quick to reply, and was helpful as I asked him questions. He met me at the airport and took me to my accommodation, which made life much easier for me. He speaks English well, so it was easy to communicate with him. This was a good thing because when I needed things during my visit he was just a phone call away, always willing to help or lend an ear. He certainly went above and beyond just providing a place to stay. The apartment itself was cozy and the bed was great! He is a really great guy and I would recommend using his as a first choice to anyone travelling to that part of Ukraine.
Thanks Alex for everything.
Louis van Dyk, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
It was wonderful and adventure that day when I decided to visit Ukraine for a bit business task along with meeting a penpal friend from Lugansk. There in Lugansk I met Alex and he handled everything for me as a stranger for the first time in that city, I did appreciate his help in easily accomodating me, helping me with a lot of information about it, guiding me for my wishes inside this beautiful city. Not only this, I can say also Alex has a passion for what he is doing that's why he doesn't just stop at what you wish from him but also go further to suggest you better staff to do. From the first day I felt that I'm with a true friend of mine not just a business man and that's why we are keeping in touch from the summer of 2006 untill now. diffenitely I gonna see him again in my next trip to Lugansk and I would highly reccomend any visitor to use his services for the safest and joyable stay in Lugansk
Hesham, Egypt
I became aware of Alex's website quite by accident and decided to use his services to deliver a small present to the son of a lady I had been corresponding with in the Lugansk region. Without my knowledge and at no cost to myself, Alex checked the details of the lady concerned and advised me that I was being deceived by her. Alex has rescued me from an embarrassing situation, saving me money and time in the process. If the need arises, I will certainly use his services again.
Martyn, UK
I first heard about Alex Cherednichenko through a testimonial like this one and decided to contact him when I had doubts about a woman I was corresponding with through a transalation agency in Lugansk that had asked for money to pay for her translation expenses. This agency also advertised gifts for sale on holidays that they would deliver. Alex sent me a quick and personal reply which turned into a very helpful dialogue and trustworthy friendship. While I would have happily offered to pay for the information and services when I was preparing to have him deliver flowers and a gift to the woman's address (which he was willing to shop for personally) in order to confirm it, rather than accept my money (though I am not condoning exploiting this or suggesting anyone seek his services for free) or taking advantage of an opportunity to earn a buck when I might not have known the difference as to the success or failure of his mission or whether it was even executed, instead Alex informed me that the agency was a known scam operation (even giving me another name they had formerly operated under), which I was able to confirm through anti-scam sites, and also informed me that the woman's address could not exist and even provided me with a map of the proposed neighborhood complete with building numbers -- all without asking for a cent (and refusing my offer of compensation for his effort), suggesting only that I visit Lugansk some day to conduct my search in person. If I ever do, you can bet Alex will be the first one I turn to to ensure the best possibility of an enjoyable, affordable, and successful endeavor!
Ben, USA
At the end of January 2008 I contacted a girl from Lugansk who had a profile on one online dating page. A week later she answered. She responded nice. But after a week of corresponding with her she already expressed that she have deeper feelings. Well, I liked it. I liked it very much, that such a beautiful girl according to the pictures she sent me, feel something more to me. But I got suspicious at the same time whether this might be a scam.

Therefore I started to search over the Internet to find a reliable agency that would help me define whether this girl is real and if she is, whether she is a scammer or whether she have real feeliings toward me. I found several web pages for agencies offering anti scam services, but some kind of intition told me that there are not ok. And then I came to one Internet page, where I saw a simple message and contact information of Alexander. I liked it. Feelings told me this is the right place to get help for Lugansk.

So, I contacted Alexander immediately. I planned to come to Lugansk in March 2008. I knew already about flower delivering checking of a girl. I told Alexander abut my plans and about flower delivering. He responded immediately that this is a beautiful girl but he said to me that I should be carefull and he was in contact with me over e-mails every step of what he made. He also told me not to come to Lugansk before I am 100% sure about this girl. Despite of that I would need his services when I would come to Lugansk. Alexander delivered flowers, took a photo of a girl, confirmed that she is the same as on the pictures but after delivering he wrote to me again to be carefull because she did not shown him the documents with excuse that she had it at home (flower delivering was made to her work place).

Afterwards I called this girl, talked with her once and because of I am too optimistic sometime, I did a few things. But on my second call she did not responded any more. In this moment I remembered words of Alexander to be carefull about this girl.

But a week or two ago (we are now in January 2009), almost a year after, Alexander wrote me that he need help. He asked me to confirm again, whether I was in contact with this girl (he gave me the same data as I was given to him a year before), because a girl sent this time data and totaly different pictures to a man from USA. Alexander connected me with this man from USA and also according to the e-mail of this man from USA, this girl is a Internet scammer.

Well, with this story, my intention was to show you, that if you need any kind of help in Lugansk, Alexander is the right person to call or contact. According to my experiance a year ago and now, he is going to do everything on your behalf. He is reliable and trustworthy.

So, don't hesitate to call him if you need any help.

Mateo, Slovenia
Alexander is one of the best investments you can make. He did not even charge me, and from the first e-mail helped to confirm that I was being scammed. He is very fair, very scruples, and goes above and beyond to help his clients. I would highly recommend him, and happy to write to anyone about him and how helpful he has been.
Thanks Alexander,
Jarrod, USA
For anyone looking for a Ukrainian woman, whatever city, I strongly suggest that you contact Alex Cherednichenko prior to getting involved. I had the unfortunate circumstance of findings someone who was too good to be true. And, she was. With Information that I have been given, I forwarded all the information to Mr. Cherednichenko, who very responsibly investigated for me. Not only did he perform a thorough investigation, but he did it rapidly and acquired all the information that was necessary. In addition, he was very helpful, insightful, and responded in a very timely manner. If you are naive about the Ukraine, what ever your question, I strongly suggest that you contact him. I can only say that any further inquiries that I have, not only in Lugansk, but in Ukraine, I will first contact him. He is a well to knowledge, very professional, extremely affordable, and, as he said on his website, a third party to help you so that you are able to receive an unbiased, very cost effective evaluation. He saved me a great deal of money and, was extremely honest and was also very helpful in saving me money. There are not enough words that can express my deep appreciation to this gentleman. I recommend him highly, with no reservations and only praise.
William J. Robbins, M.D., USA
I have found Alex a great help for anyone who is dating anyone from Ukraine, his expertise in the city of Lugansk was invaluable to me. There is no doubt that he has saved me much time and money in exposing scammers. I am sure that I will use his services when I come to visit, and I am looking forward to meeting him.
Lance, USA
I am a gentleman from America. I have found that Alex Cherednichenko has been very helpful to me in giving me advise about logical places to meet new female friends. He showed me the websites: and I have found these sites to be full of beautiful and nice ladies. I have found these sites easy to use. Thank you Alex!
Best Regards,
Kenneth, USA
I visited Luhansk in January of 2009, Right in the middle of winter. I saw Alex services online and I can strongly recommend him! From first contact via E-mail until he meet me at the train station he was very helpful and honest about problems I might run into as a foreigner in the Ukraine. We had close contact over the phone during my entire stay. I'm sure I will be back in Luhansk later this year and alex will be the first one I call!!!

Jag besokte Luhansk i Ukraina under januari 2009. Mitt i vintern. Jag lade marke till Alex tjanster online och kan verkligen rekommendera honom! Fran min forsta kontakt via e-post till dess han motte mig pa tagstationen var han hjalpsam och helt uppriktig betraffande de problem man som utlanning kan raka ut for i Ukraina. Vi hade daglig kontakt via telefon under hela min vistelse dar. Han ville forsakra sig om att jag hade det bra! Jag kommer sakert att aka tillbaka till Ukraina senare detta ar och da kommer Alex att vara den forsta jag ringer!
Filip, Sweden
I discovered the site of Alexander and I used the services he offers both through the internet for the delivery of flowers and in Lugansk for renting an apartment in the centre. Alexander showed to be not only professionally impeccable (the apartment did not have any drawback and was perfectly located in the centre) but also, free of charge and with great sense of hospitality, dispensed to me the added value of his deep insider knowledge of a place completely new to me: restaurants, internet cafes, night clubs to visit and even girls not to meet (because already known as scammers)

Ho scoperto per caso il sito di Alexander e ho utilizzato i servizi da lui offerti sia via internet per la consegna di fiori, sia in loco per l'affitto di un appartamento nel centro di Lugansk. Alexander non solo e' stato professionalmente impeccabile (l' appartamento non aveva nessuna pecca ed era in posizione centralissima) ma, gratuitamente e con grande senso dell'ospitalita', mi ha elargito senza risparmiarsi il valore aggiunto della sua profonda conoscenza da insider di un ambiente a me nuovo: ristoranti, internet cafe, locali notturni da visitare e persino ragazze da non incontrare (perche' scammers gia' note).
Andrea, Netherlands
Dear friends, my name is Eric Rivera I work in Puerto Rico as manager of a distribution company, I meet two years a girl with which I want to meet, I just came looking at the website until I found Alexander's website, his service is excellent he follow my inquiry on daily basis, as the result of his professional service I found out that the lady was not the one I thought she was so he save a lot of money and emotional problems that goes with it. This year I will travel to Ukraine and I will use his service for sure he is a reliable professional.

Estimados amigos: yo trabajo en puerto ricomcomo gerente de una compania de distribucion, hace un tiempo atras conoci a una chica en la website, conoci la compania de alexander atraves del internet lo contrate para enviar una carta con flores en adicion de verificar sus intenciones conmigo, al verificar con la chica y obtener informacion de alex me dic uenta que la chica bucaba dinero y nadamas, alexander me ahorado mucho dinero y sobre todo me evito pasar por un problema emocional, alexander en este proceso fue muy diligente y profesional, pienso ir a ukrania este 2009 y de seguro contratare los servicios de alex. saludos
Eric, Puerto Rico
I have got to know Alex first by email and then by having met him in person and in that time I can honestly say that I got to know him fairly well. I was thoroughly impressed with his approach and manner and was particularly impressed with his attitude towards money. At one point he could have run off with some money I paid him, but chose not to. On several occasions he also went beyond the call of duty and did things for me that I didn't even ask for. He is also very efficient in answering emails. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone else, assuming this big, bad world doesn't at some point corrupt him. I don't think it will :). Feel free to email me for confirmation (Time of writing: May 2009)
Joe, UK
I consider Alex to be invaluable for translation services, for travel advice and services, for coming up with good advice in general, and for getting a job done properly. Not just limited to the City of Lugansk or Ukraine. He has helped me as far afar as Armenia and Turkey. He is a good travel companion. He's presentable, polite, unassuming, unexpecting and undemanding. He is pleasant to spend time with and interact with. He is tension free, calm, and collective. He gets a job delegated to him done properly without fuss and drama. His rates are very reasonable - so he is fair and balanced too. Alex is good at research and at piecing information together in a cohesive manner. He has my best interests at heart - even when it is to his own financial loss he has recommended competition's services. A very rare characteristic for a Ukrainian! I like him very much and I appreciate his friendly style of operations. He is a competent courteous professional.
Nader, UK and USA
I came across the site when i was trying to find out information about Lugansk. His site is full of useful information. All of the sevices that Alex has to offer are very well priced and are of a better standard than the Agencies will offer. Alex is local to Lugansk and if you ask him anything about a particular woman he may have already carried out an investigation on her and offer his opinion for free. My initial contact with Alex was to find out about English lessons and the information on his site is better priced than what an agency would inform you about English lessons. I would certainly recomend Alex's site for information about Lugansk and the local area and even Ukraine in general. Well done to Alex and his exellent site.
Mark, UK
Alex, Lugansk'ta herhangi bir siparisiniz var ise, cok hizli bir sekilde bunu yerine getirir. Size gercekten bir saat icerisinde geri doner. Ayrica, eger Lugansk'la ilgili sormaniz gereken bir husus var ise, Size net ve dogru bilgi verecektir. Hic supheniz olmasin.
Kaan, Turkey
I have been searching for a reliable source to meet Eastern European women for a year now. I have tried other sites such as Anastasia and I can say by personal experience as well as chatting with other men that none were honest or real until I came upon Alex. At first his comments caught my attention then one lady in particular from another site was of interest. I contacted Alex to get his opinion as well as requested his assistance in arranging English lessons. Alex was instrumental in establishing the woman as a fake and she was obviously setting up a scam. Alex went out of his way to assist me. He also arranged access for me to a local chat site that allowed me to personally verify his comments and where I did not pay to communicate whereas the introduction site where I met the lady did charge a considerable fee for each letter. I have never met Alex but I will be doing so some day soon. I say, even without meeting, that he is someone to trust, he is open, honest, professional and has a very caring attitude rare to find any where in the world. Without question I will continue to use his services and confidently recommend him to any one.
Wayne, Canada
I found a nice young woman at Lugansk by another dating website. However, I heard that there are many internet scamers unfortunately. I tried to find the possibility make control - my friend who used Alex service before, recommended me him. From first contact with Alex I recognized real professionals He delivered very beautiful flowers, sent me back very good photo about it and made discreet control her identity of course. From talk with her after, I got a hanging that she didn't think even, that this could be control. I wanted then, buy some gifts for a girl. Alex has a very simple and cheap way for sending him money. Those been electronic things - Alex approved oneself competency and helped girl to install and set in motion even. That was a very nice surprise for me - because I didn't ask for it. Yes, I'm recommending Alex's service for everyone who needs help in every affair in Ukraine. He is authentic pro and I'm sure that he tried to make everything for settle every case professionally Thank you Alex and recommend you myself for future.
Mark Kokiza, Bath, UK
My name is Scott and I'm from Boston. I met Alex on the Internet as I was looking to go to Lugansk after meeting a women on a dating service in Lugansk. Okay, so listen up everyone who has never been to the Ukraine. Trust no one, make sure you get with the one and only Alex, he is the ONLY connection you need. First of all he's smart, dependable, and straight forward. He understands your needs in a country so different than your own. I could go on and on and it's all fact, I don't easily praise people but this guy deserves it. Why???? Well here's why. He got me a decent flat for a good price, he loaned me cash when my credit card failed, he fixed my lap top for my girl friend in Ukraine and loaded soft ware and converted it to Russian and asked for nothing. And he has traveled to her home after I left Lugansk to help her get on the internet and Skype. He also showed me around town and basically saved my ass many times while I was in Lugansk. If you speak and read no Russian your on the moon in Lugansk and Alex is your friendly Russian cosmonaut. But seriously, I was really lucky and met a really good women. If you have any doubts you need to get Alex on your team, he'll take care of needs quickly and with your best interest in mind. Alex is what I call "A good man". My e mail is feel free to contact me about anything regarding Alex. Thank again Alex, wear that mask!!! See you again....
Scott, Boston, USA
When you read the references on this web page you can easily get the impression that a majority of the Ukrainian people are less honest, scammers, or at least experts of ripping off tourists. This doesn’t correspond with my own experiences. The Ukrainians are in general well educated, friendly, easy to smile and will gladly help you. Even without personal profit. Alexander Cherednichenko is an excellent representative of the genuine Ukraine! Fast and effective service at a reasonable price. He is a friendly and forthcoming person who, in addition, also is very good to communicate with. I have engaged Alexander to deliver flowers and other gifts in Lugansk at several occasions. His fast and inexpensive service is impressive. The same goes for the quality of the items he delivers. It’s a real pleasure for me to recommend him and his services to each and everyone!

Nar man laser referenserna pa denna webbsida kan man latt fa for sig att en majoritet av det ukrainska folket ar mindre arliga, ”scammers”, eller atminstone experter pa att skinna turister. Detta stammer inte med mina erfarenheter. Ukrainarna ar som i allmanhet mycket valutbildade, vanliga, har latt for att le och hjalper dig garna utan att for den skull nodvandigtvis sjalva tjana pa det. Alexander Cherednichenko ar en utmarkt representant for det genuina Ukraina! Snabb effektiv service med en human prisniva. En vanlig och tillmotesgaende person som dessutom ar mycket bra att kommunicera med. Jag har ett flertal ganger anlitat Alexander att leverera blommor och andra presenter i Lugansk. Hans snabba och prisvarda service ar imponerande. Detsamma galler kvaliteten pa de varor han levererar. Det ar darfor ett noje for mig att rekommendera honom och hans tjanster for alla och envar!
Robert, Sweden
Hey I went to Ukraine and learned real fast how things can go bad if you do not know Russian real well. I thought I knew enough to get by but learned fast I was definatly in over my head. I met up with Alexander and all my worries were basically over. I got a nice big warm apartment lined up in a central business district over Lugansk. He was always available for help anytime and always helped me out. I would definatly recommend anyone to contact Alexander for their travels in Ukraine. He lined up reasonable transportation and accommodation anytime for me and offered good advice. He is a very cool down to earth guy and nice enough to help people.
Roger, North Dakota, USA
Whilst researching accommodation, location and flights to Lugansk I found Alex’s web site. I originally booked flights to Donetsk with transfer at a later date to Lugansk with Alex assisting with transportation. I sent Alex money by Great Western which he received. However, my circumstances changed and I had to re schedule flights to a later date. I then flew from Kiev to Lugansk. Alex was waiting for me as arranged. Alex had also arranged a lovely apartment for me and took me there. As other people in the references have mentioned I consider Alex to be a friend. I had difficulties with my phone Alex lent me one of his and allowed me to make calls to people on his own telephone. I was meeting with a lady but due to circumstances I was unable to see her before I left Lugansk. I entrusted Alex with a gift to pass on to the girl and he did this with no questioning he also found her phone number to call to make the arrangement to hand the gift over because I had written it down incorrectly. Finally Alex got up at a crazy time in the morning to accompany me on a transfer to Lugansk Airport. Alex is a genuine, friendly man and it was a pleasure to meet him. I will continue to keep in touch and if I visit Lugansk again, which I hope to soon, Alex is the first person I would contact. Thank you my trusted friend.
Steve, UK
Pour un séjour sur Lugansk du 7 Janvier 2012 au 13 Janvier 2012; j'ai fait appel aux services d'Alexander suite à la visite de son site web. Je suis vraiment très satisfait des services qu'il ma proposé. Aucune mauvaise surprise; l'appartement correspondait à ma demande en plein centre ville avec de multiples services tel que banque,supermarché, restaurants. En outre je lui avait demandé qu'il m'achéte du café, du pain, de la confiture ce fût fait. De plus il était là à l'aéroport pour mon arrivée avec un taxi et là à 5h30 du matin pour m'emmené à l'aéroport. Je remercie Alexander pour ses prestations de qualités et je conseil vivement à tout les francophones de passer par lui pour un séjour à Lugansk sans probléme. En plus Alexander est sympa et disponible.
Christian, France
I just wanted to write to say a big "thank you" for organising transfers to and from the airport, arranging hotel accomodation and for your continued support and advice on my recent trip to Lugansk.

Everything went smoothly. Your drivers were very friendly and efficient and alot of stress associated with the trip was lessened by their prompt attention and service. Dealing directly with you was also a bonus. I was able to keep in touch with you and ask any questions I needed on a daily basis if necessary.

Alex, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is considering a trip to Lugansk and I will certainly be in touch with you for my next trip.

Many thanks again.

David, UK
On a recent visit to lugansk, I had arranged accomodation with Alex, without dificulty.

Unfortunately the lady I was to meet persuaded me that she would arrange not only my accomodation but also the interpreter and the transfer from the airport at Donetsk. I agreed against my better judgement.

Well, firstly she never appeared, but sent the interpreter on a round trip of five and a half hours @ $20.00 per hour. Then the accommodation was found to have no wifi, hot water or air conditioning, and the bed was hard.

At one oclock in the morning I text Alex for assistance, and to my astonishment he contacts me immediately. He met me the following morning and arranged new accomodation with all the requirement for $15.00 per day cheaper.

His transfer fees were also $85.00 each way cheaper and his translation costs half the price.

Without knowing Alex my visit would have been a disaster, but thanks to him it was an enjoyable experience.

So i you guys are looking or value for money deal with Alex.

James, UK
I searched around on the web for various methods to make the voyage to Lugansk Ukraine. Air tickets were difficult to find, purchase, and expensive. Alex was touting his prices for round trip tickets from Kiev much cheaper than what I could find. The apartment prices were also very good. So I gave Alex a shot and he delivered meticulously. The norm of slippery business was not found in any way. He did exactly what he said he would and more. Very solid and friendly guy.

When I arrived in Lugansk he was there awaiting with two signs. There was another fellow, Ken, that came on the same flight. Ken had some issues with whom he was meeting but Alex smoothly adopted both of us to the taxi (Alex does not drive yet). He stuffed us into this tiny Daewoo and off we went. The tire on the taxi was flatten, maybe by too much weight or maybe simply too little air. The tire was making a lot of noise. The driver of the taxi kept telling me to ‘Close the Door’. I had slammed it three times and kept telling him it was not the door. haha. So....he changed the tire. And when he let the car down on the spare was flat too. haha!! we went at 15 to 20 kph. Alex took everything in stride. Like this sort of thing can always happen. haha!! We received another spare tire from another taxi eventually and went to our apartments. Everything was fine and just as promised.

Several meetings for breakfast also concluded that Alex is a real good guy. I highly recommend using his services.

Don, Minnetonka, Minnesota USA, Nov 2012
I cannot say enough about your website and the service that you provide, it is excellent! I would have had a very difficult time without your help. The failure of the agency that was supposed to meet me and then failed to show up was bad news until you helped me out. The agency also failed to provide contact telephone numbers which is a very poor policy... I appreciate that you were able to help me track down the numbers that allowed me to contact the person I was supposed to meet, without this assistance I would have had a wasted trip .

Also the service you provided for apartment assistance was excellent. I was very satisfied with the appartment as well as the price. Also your assistance with the purchase of my flight to and from Lugansk was great. It was good to have everything done by one person instead of jumping to multiple agencies. Your attention to other concerns of mine and the details you provide are unmatched in my travel experience. I would recommend that anyone traveling to Ukraine contact you first .

Thank you once again,

Ken, USA, Dec 2012
Alexander, I do not know where to begin, when I first came to Lugansk, you where honest and trustworthy! 7 trips later, over 3 years, you have done nothing but improve your services and done so much for me! I do no know how I can express my gratitude to you. You have all the information a person needs who plans on traveling to Lugansk and other cities in Ukraine. The connections you have given me, the assistance you and your fellow colleagues have provided for me is invaluable! I know when I come to Ukraine I can count on you to provide the best information about the cities and people, where to go, how to get there and where to stay. As you know every time I come to Ukraine I will make sure you are in then planning process, and anyone who does not use your services is a fool! I have told several people about you and your site, and recommend you to everyone I know! You are not only a point of contact for me, I consider you a true friend, and if you ever come to America I hope I can help you just a fraction as much as you have helped me! Because of you and the people you work with, there is a good reason for me to continue my trips to Ukraine, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I know with your services anyone who travels to Ukraine will be in the best of hands! Thank you for everything you have done for me!
Bill, Fredericksburg, Va, USA, Jan 2013
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