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Poltava Interpreter. Professional Translation services. Russian-English and Ukrainian-English translator.

Alex Interpreter in Poltava Dear friends, my name is Alex and I have been working as interpreter since 2002 after I graduated from the university and got my degree in Russian and English languages. Ukrainian is also my second language. Initially I was working in Lugansk, but things are not so good there now, and I had to move and decided to make new base here in Poltava. Visit my new website for Poltava Ukraine. So if this happens that you also travel to Poltava as a tourist or for business and need professional translation services, I will be happy if you hire me as your personal interpreter or a guide. I charge $10 per hour or $50 a day (that would include 8 hours and $5 for extra hour during same day). You can find my page for translation services in Poltava at facebook here www.facebook.com/PoltavaInterpreter. And you can also call me at +380502242890 or write at luganskukraine.info@gmail.com

Documents and letters translation services.

Translation Sevices
I consider Alex to be invaluable for translation services, for travel advice and services, for coming up with good advice in general, and for getting a job done properly. Not just limited to the City of Lugansk or Ukraine. He has helped me as far afar as Armenia and Turkey. He is a competent courteous professional...
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Nader on
In case you have some technical documents that you need to translate you can contact me. I have experience in coal mining and oil and gas industry and other topics are not difficult for me.
I have noticed that there is quite big number of marriage agencies in Poltava. If you decide to have more security in your communication and don't want to be dependent on them, I designed special letter translation package that you can buy from me. The idea is that you can have direct communication with a girl you meet online and keep everything very private as not even the interpreter who translates your e-mail will know who you are writing to! And the price for translation of each letter starts from $2 depending on the package you chose. Please, read more details about this service here Letter Tranlsation.