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 About :: Russian English Letter Translation Service in Lugansk Ukraine.
Translation Sevices
I consider Alex to be invaluable for translation services, for travel advice and services, for coming up with good advice in general, and for getting a job done properly. Not just limited to the City of Lugansk or Ukraine. He has helped me as far afar as Armenia and Turkey. He is a competent courteous professional...
5.0 star review
Nader on
I am interpreter in Lugansk and provide Russian English translation service for $10 per hour. Right now I work from my base in Poltava. Read more at Poltava Interpreter. This is a special offer for those who are corresponding with Russian-speaking women all over the world. You have probably found a nice girl online, but her English is not very good and you need some help. I can give you FREEDOM, CONTROL and CONFIDENCE. It's not a secret that the dating scam is very high and it's really not so easy to get 100% protected. I am here to change the rules of the game. Yes, now YOU can read and write e-mails in Russian without monthly fees that dating agencies are selling to you and no limitation on the number of people you can write to. You can order translation package from me, minimum for 1 letter is only $2, package costs $160 and you get 80 letters translated. You can get these letters translated from English into Russian or from Russian into English, you can write all 80 letters during one day or during 5 years, there is no time limitation on the package. You can exchange all 80 letters with one person or with 80 different people, it doesn't matter to me, you are FREE who you write to, you get CONFIDENCE that the girl is not working for her agency or that her agency is not manipulating the correspondence, only you CONTROL all the correspondence process.
Package Price Number of Letters Price per letter People you write to... Valid during...
minimum $50 10 $5,00 unlimited unlimited
medium $75 20 $3,75 unlimited unlimited
maximum $100 40 $2,50 unlimited unlimited
HYPER $160 80 $2,00 unlimited unlimited
How it works. You send me the letter in Russian you get from a girl and I send the same letter back to you in English. Or you send me your letter in English and I send it back to you in Russian, so you can copy it and send it to the girl in Ukraine or Russia.
Privacy. Because, I am dealing with you as the person who orders the service, I don't need to know who you are writing to and you can keep this information absolutely private. On the other hand, if you are writing to few girls, the risk that they find out about each other going to the same agency is zero, because they have no need to go to the local agency any more to get their letters translated.
Why I am doing this. It's very simple. There are serious girls who really want to find their husband from the other country, but at the same time there are so many fake agencies and individual scammers  who are just gold digging using  dating websites as their playground, that it is very hard for real men and women to find each other. I just want to clear the way for real people to meet and be happy.
FREE translation. You can use online translation. It is free and easy. You just need to use short sentences and simple words. To check the translation just translate it back and forth (from English into Russian and back into English to see if the sense is the same) and change words if needed until you get the best result. I recommend this online translation tool
$10 per hour. And remember that you can always hire me as your interpreter in Lugansk and use my Russian English translation service for $10 per hour. In case I am not available at the time that you with another female interpreter. If you want to hire me on daily basis my fee is $50 a day. You can e-mail me at or call at +380502242890
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