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About :: Scam Check
For few years I have been getting a lot of requests about girls in Ukraine. It's not a secret that the Internet is a tool for bad people to scam good people, so I am here to help you to find out if you have been scammed or not. There are a lot of fake agencies in Ukraine that use photos of real girls or photos of models that they have stolen from the Internet. If you are writing to a girl and you want to be sure she is who she is, write to me. I will check the information you give to me for just $35 and I will keep all the information private. Send the details to my personal e-mail address:
e-mail address: send me e-mail address of the girl and e-mail address of the agency. Please, note that scammers change their e-mail addresses as soon as they get blacklisted, so if the girl or the agency were changing their e-mail addresses, I need those too.
postal address: very often scam agencies and individual scammers give you fake postal address, that is very easy to check. They don't really care if you send some package to them as they can always say that post offices in Ukraine are not working good. I have been getting packages from different countries, so that's a good prove that post is working good. Very often if you give me girl's address I can find land line phone number at that address.
photos: send me photos of the girl that she gave to you. Scammers often use photos that they steal from the Internet or magazines. And if they changed the name of the girl and her address, I can still recognize the photos. 
phone number: everybody in Ukraine have mobile phones. So if your girl is telling to you that she doesn't have any, she's more likely lying to you. You can buy brand new mobile phone in Ukraine starting from $25 or even cheaper. The service plans start from $4 per month. The sim-card costs less than $2. If you have any contact phone numbers, send those to me. It can be her friend's phone number, agency phone number or interpreter's phone number.
internet costs: the price for the Internet at the Internet cafe is less than $1 per hour. The price for unlimited cable Internet starts from $7 per month. It is very easy to set up an e-mail account as people at computer clubs are always ready to help and they can show how it all works.
translation costs: it is number one scam in Ukraine, fake translation services, it is also called correspondence scam. Fake or even real agencies put fake or real profiles on dating websites and charge you money for translating the letters. 90% of all letters are written by agencies and girls have no idea how many men are writing to them, or girls know about the scam, by they really don't care because they are paid by the agencies. If you want to be sure that you are writing to the girl and not to the agency, insist that you only correspond to her directly and use skype video chat, it's free! If you are ready to spend your time and money to travel around the world and a girl can not even do skype video chat with you, don't waste your time and better don't come.
trace location using IP address: that is not a secret that when you are using the Internet everything is recorded, what you search, your location and other info, so in case of some illegal activity the user can be easily found. Same way if you feel that something is wrong you can check IP address and trace the location where the e-mails are really coming from. To get IP address from the e-mail you need to be able to view Full Headers information in the e-mail that you received. If you don't know what Full Headers is and how to view it, please, do search in google, it can be different for each e-mail provider. I am sure you will easily find posts on this subject.
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